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Monday November 19, 2012 at 1:31 pm

As released by the Harrisburg Bureau of Police:

Death investigation . Date / Time: 11-19-2012 at about 0015 hrs. . Location: Uptown area – not specified . Investigating Officer: Det. Donald Heffner . Victim R/S/A: B/F/25 from Harrisburg . Suspect: Pending . Charges: Pending. . Narrative:

On 11-19-2012 at about 0015 hrs. patrol officers were dispatched to the Police Bureau a report of a deceased woman in car. The car was driven by a 39 year old City man. The deceased person was identified as a 25 year old City woman. The man reported that he, the deceased woman and a 15 year old City girl went to New York City for the weekend. On their way home they stopped at a car wash in the Uptown area to clean out their rental vehicle. That’s when the man noticed that the woman was dead. She apparently experienced some sort of episode and died while in the back seat of the car. The man didn’t know what to do so he drove to the police station. . An autopsy will be preformed to hopefully determine the cause of death. .

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