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By James Roxbury
Tuesday December 10, 2013 at 4:24 pm

As released by the Office of the Auditor General:

Auditor General DePasquale Announces Release of $320 million in Municipal Pension, Volunteer Fire Relief Association Aid for All Counties.

HARRISBURG – Auditor General Eugene DePasquale today announced the release of $320 million in funds for municipal pension plans and volunteer fire relief associations in each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

“This money is important because it helps fund pensions for police and paid firefighters who have dedicated their careers to helping others,” DePasquale said. “These dedicated first responders and the other employees who provide vital municipal services deserve to know the pension they are counting on will be there when they need it.

“These funds are also critical to help pay for insurance to protect thousands of volunteer firefighters, purchase fire equipment and cover volunteer training expenses.” The total dollar amount in municipal pension funds for 2013 is $248 million being distributed to 2,542 local government pension plans. An additional $72 million is being released for nearly 1,950 Volunteer Fire Relief Associations (VFRA) to purchase equipment, training, insurance and pay death benefits.

“I hope this information is used to assure the stability of employee pension funds and to help our municipal leaders plan and budget yearly pension contributions accordingly,” DePasquale said. “We have seen examples where municipalities fall short of funding realities and create a long-term pension and financial crisis that is fiscally painful to recover from.”

Dauphin County Allocations For 2013.

In 1984, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act 205, the Municipal Pension Plan Funding Standard and Recovery Act. Under the Act, the Auditor General is responsible for the administration of the General Municipal Pension System State Aid Program. The Department of the Auditor General distributes funds to municipalities to help defray the cost of various municipal, police and fire pension plans maintained by municipalities, regional police forces and councils of government. In addition, funds are allocated through the municipalities to nearly 2,000 volunteer relief associations in Pennsylvania. Revenue to support this Act comes from a 2% tax on premiums for both casualty and fire insurance sold in Pennsylvania by foreign (out-of-state) insurance companies.

The Special Ad Hoc Post Retirement Adjustment Act (Act 147 of 1988) provides increased pensions paid to police officers and paid firefighters who retired prior to January 1, 1985. Municipal pension plans that have paid post retirements under this Act may apply for reimbursement to the Department of the Auditor General. Funding for these reimbursements is derived from the insurance premiums on foreign casualty insurance premiums.

Municipalities and Volunteer Fire Relief Associations are audited to determine the appropriate use of funds and that information submitted is correct. Misuse of funds or submitting information resulting in an overpayment of state aid must be returned to the state. In some instances state aid may be withheld from municipalities not in compliance with actuarial requirements or audit findings.

** Indicates Regional Payment.

Year Municipality Ad-Hoc FRA Act64 Pension 2013.

Borough of Berrysburg $1,898.16.

2013 Borough of Dauphin $4,869.66 $4,941.76.

2013 Borough of Elizabethville $8,037.27 $7,768.71.

2013 Borough of Gratz $4,720.41.

2013 Borough of Halifax $4,567.35.

2013 Borough of Highspire $13,650.65 $89,340.24.

2013 Borough of Hummelstown $29,239.90 $81,571.53.

2013 Borough of Lykens $8,841.13 $14,429.70.

2013 Borough of Middletown $46,729.82 $283,558.17.

2013 Borough of Millersburg $14,297.09 $25,257.05.

2013 Borough of Paxtang $10,018.01 $34,959.22.

2013 Borough of Penbrook $16,784.50 $67,481.84.

2013 Borough of Pillow $1,563.10.

2013 Borough of Royalton $6,117.63 $10,905.59.

2013 Borough of Steelton $30,527.82 $198,102.28.

2013 Borough of Williamstown $6,558.19 $15,537.43.

2013 City of Harrisburg $14,462.50 $28,717.93 $2,594,751.54.

2013 Township of Conewago $24,281.52 $2,390.67.

2013 Township of Derry $228,753.00 $872.48 $524,388.41.

2013 Township of East Hanover $58,308.29 $34,959.22.

2013 Township of Halifax $24,332.27.

2013 Township of Jackson $12,811.42. 2013 Township of Jefferson $3,078.66.

2013 Township of Londonderry $37,495.20.

2013 Township of Lower Paxton $374,590.10 $298.78 $741,912.49.

2013 Township of Lower Swatara $73,426.34 $198,102.28.

2013 Township of Lykens $10,361.86.

2013 Township of Middle Paxton $39,134.34 $13,394.74.

2013 Township of Mifflin $5,238.30.

2013 Township of Reed $2,085.88.

2013 Township of Rush $1,445.98.

2013 Township of South Hanover $50,634.18 $20,909.79.

2013 Township of Susquehanna $300.00 $193,160.95 $4,390.31 $427,279.44.

2013 Township of Swatara $600.00 $182,895.43 $470,007.39.

2013 Township of Upper Paxton $26,951.40.

2013 Township of Washington $16,145.70 $7,515.48.

2013 Township of Wayne $9,377.38.

2013 Township of West Hanover $79,203.98 $46,612.30.

2013 Township of Wiconisco $6,241.32 $6,311.63.

2013 Township of Williams $6,256.20.

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