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By James Roxbury
Wednesday June 11, 2014 at 2:45 pm

Update: 4:05 PM.

Just received email from Kennedy-Shaffer for Chairman.

Marilyn Levin's Media Blockage Breaks Party Rules . . . and is Undemocratic

Dauphin County Democratic Committee Chairman Marilyn Levin has threatened to bar the media from tonight's Committee election meeting. Marilyn's threat is both undemocratic and a violation of national Democratic Party rules, which trump county rules. Art. 9, Sec. 12 of the Democratic Party Charter & Bylaws explicitly states that "all" party meetings - national, state, county, or otherwise - "shall be open to the public" (

Marilyn's attempt to choose Dauphin County's next Democratic leadership team behind closed doors is precisely the kind of back-handed maneuvering that has created the current crisis of faith in our Party. Transparency is the key to ensuring a fair election and restoring faith in the Party.

If Alan is elected chairman, all meetings will be open to the public and press. Period. That's democracy.

Tonight, Alan will fight to ensure not only that the election is fair, but that the meeting is open to all - including the media. Even though Marilyn does not want you to do so, we invite you to attend. Will you join us?

WHEN: 5:30 p.m. TODAY, June 11 (Open to the public and, if Alan has any say in it, to the media) WHERE: AFSCME, 150 S. 43 St., Harrisburg, PA 17111


Dauphin county democratic committee will vote to elect a chair person tonight, current chairman Marilyn Levin is running against Alan Kennedy-Shaffer and Rogette Harris,

The election will be held at the AFCSME conference center at 150 S. 43rd Street. Harrisburg, doors open at 5:30.

View a list of Dauphin county democratic committee members. Eligible voters.


From our archives.


The Dauphin county democratic endorsement meeting was held Saturday morning at the AFSCME conference center in suburban Harrisburg, just as chairman Marilyn Levin started speaking a man who identified himself as the parliamentarian asked "where are you from?" after answering "Roxburynews" I was told to "go outside."

Archive Video of Chairman Marilyn Levin, February 2011.

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Photo/Natalie Cake Chairman Marilyn Levin 2013

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