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By James Roxbury
Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 1:42 pm

Dauphin county commissioners Haste, Pries, and Hartwick delivered campaign speeches during the annual State of the County dinner at the Harrisburg Hilton Tuesday evening.

Commissioner Jeff Haste.

Part 1. This is like a family reunion.

Part 2. Fourteen and a half minutes.

Highlights of the speech.

Replacing a bridge on Potato Valley Road.

This bridge will provide needed capacity when there are traffic accidents on 81 and 322.

Commissioner Mike Pries.

The shortest speech of the evening.

Commissioner George Hartwick.

Part 1. First nine and a half minutes.

Part 2. Ten and a half minutes.

Highlights of the speech.

On addiction, mental health, and dependance.

I've struggled with my own issues.

I'm gonna rip this speech up.

On creative the creative financing deals the county has entered into.:

Stuff flows downhill. We will be debt free in nine years.

We get shit done, do you hear me.

Capitalize on the uptake.

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