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By James Roxbury
Wednesday June 24, 2015 at 4:52 pm

Did Dauphin county commissioner George Hartwick sign off on allowing CYS employees to travel to conferences to Florida and Vail Colorado?

17th Conference on Family Group Decision Making Vail Colorado June 10-13 2014.

A workshop meeting titled Maintaining Focus Through the White Water of Change lists Dauphin county employees Richard Vukmanic, Joshua Berra, and Kirsten Johnson as speakers.

Where Are You on the Family Engagement Journey. Chart a Course for Success.


George Hartwick is questioned on the findings of the grand jury report investigating the death of Jerrod Tutko Jr.

Do you believe CYS employees committed perjury during grand jury testimony.

Photo/Natalie Cake ___________________________

Dauphin county commissioners approve 2015/2016 Fiscal Budget.

George Hartwck comments on the passing a fiscal budget which contains 4 new caseworker positions in the Children & Youth department of the county.

Hartwick spoke for six minutes about the problems in the Children and Youth department without accepting any blame in an agency that he has oversight of.

We have a difficult time finding qualified professionals.

Jeff Haste.

One issue that was going to blow up this year it's Children and Youth.

Mike Pries asks if the 10 current vacancies are recent?

Recent, as in the last eight weeks.


From our archives.

Dauphin county District Attorney Ed Marsico held a presser Thursday afternoon to release the findings of a grand jury report into the death of Jarrod Tutko, Jr.

Some criminal investigations were comprised. Deadlines were missed

Sean McCormack, Chief Deputy District Attorney.

An agency that was in disarray. Problems arose between Children and Youth and law enforcement.

Joe Dougher, Interim Director of Dauphin county Department of Children and Youth.

Serious mistakes, and errors in judgement were made in the past.

Questions from the press.

Several changes in the department.

I was surprised by the changes in the organization.


The Eighth Dauphin County Investigating Grand Jury.

Section 1 Findings of Fact.

The Tutko Family.

On a daily basis there are workers crying, there are supervisors crying, and not just because of what they have seen or experience, it's just walking into the place where you-you don't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Despite Ms. Johnson's claim to the contrary, the grand jury found a number of examples of serious CPS investigations being assigned to caseworkers without CPS experience.

A six month old baby is dead, and caseworker number 7 interviews the suspect parent prior to the police interview.

As of the date of this report, no charges have been filed in this case against anyone.

Did Dauphin county CYS employees Jenna Strickley and Kirsten Johnson commit perjury on February 26, 2015 and again during recall testimony on May 26, 2015?. Read page 79 of the report.

To claim that she (Ms. Shickley) has no memory of the event and any subsequent information is simply not believable. The grand jury also finds her (Kirsten Johnson) testimony to be suspect. Ms. Johnson and Ms. Shickley continue to deny knowledge of the delinquent submission of indicated CY-48 report.

Grand Jury Recommendations.


Presentment 1.

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