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Friday April 12, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Harrisburg Mayor Forum Thursday April 11, 2013 Harrisburg Area Community College:

Mayor Linda D. Thompson: I'm going to stay the course.

Eric Papenfuse: A relationship problem in Harrisburg.

Lewis Butts: The best.

Nevin Mindlin: David Unkovic and I are friends.

Second Question: How do you secure concessions from creditors?

Third Question: The issue of guns, how will you make city streets safer?

Eric Papenfuse: Common sense compromises.

Lewis Butts: We need a Harrisburg Police Academy.

Nevin Mindlin: In terms of safer streets, it is not going to happen by PR ploys.

Mayor Thompson: Experience, commitment, and results.

Fourth Question: Clean streets and regionalism.

Questions from the audience: Day to day management.

Question on Harrisburg Police shooting dogs and the contract the Humane Society: Shooting dogs

Harrisburg city employee and Mayor Thompson supporter Tim Doutrich: Whats your training?

Question A regional authority.

Question: Education

Question: Highly qualified professional staff. Mayor Thompson "I don't have time and patience for wimpy, whiny people."

Question: Commuting into Harrisburg: Tax abatement, KOZ zones.

Question: Why you and not Thompson? The unidentified man.

Final Questions: Mayor forum closing questions.

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