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By James Roxbury
Friday April 19, 2013 at 3:19 pm

The African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Pennsylvania candidates forum April 18, 2013. Mayoral candidates Linda D. Thompson, Eric Papenfuse, Lewis Butts, and Dan Miller participated.

Video 1 Opening statements.

Video 2 A street team. "What are you going to bring to the table."

Video 3 A rebuttal

Video 4 Technology and Economic Plans for Harrisburg

Video 5 Mayor Thompson. "This is a debate and the gloves come off."

Video 6 Lewis Butts. "And they hot wire their fences so our kids get electrocuted."

Video 7 Immigration

Video 8 Parking enforcement

Video: 9 Concessions for creditors.

Video: 10 A performance bond for the incinerator project.

Video 11 Education and jobs.

Video 12 Illegal dumping and littering laws.

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