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Sunday September 04, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Eric Ruth and John Perzel plead guilty in Dauphin County court today.

Tweets from Tara Leo Auchey.

Roxbury News Atty Gen counsel Frank Fina encapsulated by press. How does he describe what Perzel did? "It was a substantial abuse of taxpayer resources."

Roxbury News Court adjourned. Video of John Perzel entering Dauphin County Court today for his guilty plea of 8 counts: 31 Aug

Roxbury News Eric Ruth's maximum imprisonment is 5yrs, max fine is $10K. 31 Aug

Roxbury News Now Perzel's former aide Eric Ruth gives his guilty plea. 2 counts, including conflict of interest & conspiracy. 31 Aug

Roxbury News Most of press clears after Perzel, his atty Brian McMonagle, & Atty General chief deputies Patrick Blessington & Frank Fina. 31 Aug

Roxbury News Perzel goes through the motion--pleads guilty to 8 charges. Judge Lewis defers sentencing. 31 Aug

Roxbury News Judge Lewis to Perzel: "Your pension may be forfeited." Lewis has no say in that; State decision. "Collateral consequence" of Perzel's plea. 31 Aug

Roxbury News That is maximum of $50K in fines as well as restitution. #perzel 31 Aug

Roxbury News As the others before him, John Perzel agrees to cooperate & testify. For 8 counts max term of imprisonment is 24yrs, $50k charges. 31 Aug

Roxbury News Orig facing 82, the 8 counts Perzel pleading guilty to stem from 4 incidents. Counts include theft, conspiracy, & conflict of interest. 31 Aug

Roxbury News It begins. Tara Leo Auchey @todaysthedayhbg at the guilty plea of John Perzel. He will plead guilty to 8 counts. 31 Aug

Roxbury News Cluster of Attys shaking hands w/attys & John Perzel, Eric Ruth as we all await for this hearing to begin.

Photo Slideshow by Natalie Cake

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