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Wednesday December 19, 2012 at 5:37 pm

For the eighth consecutive year in a row, Dauphin County Commissioners approve a budget with no tax increases. Not only that, but the budget is $6 million less than last year's.

"It's a win/win," Commissioner Mike Pries declared. "We're still providing services to all the constituents around the County and no tax increase."

The $192,940,854 2013 Budget reflects an abolishment of 51 vacant positions, which is the primary reason for the $6 million decrease from the $199 million 2012 Budget. According to Commissioner Jeff Haste, there were "difficult conversations we had to have" in order to devise the savings.

Dauphin County will still draw $13.5 million from its reserve fund to balance the budget.

by Tara Leo Auchey

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