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Sunday December 23, 2012 at 5:28 pm

November 13, 2012 PA Senate Local Government Committee hearing--Bruce Barnes of Milt Lopus Associates, former financial advisor to the Harrisburg Authority, testifies that he believes Dauphin County Commissioners are "heros" of the Harrisburg Incinerator debt crisis.

Finance Director for the City of Harrisburg 1980-1985.

Most of the decisions and recommendations were made by the mayor, and most of the recommendations were adopted by the board.

On the use of SWAP's related to the 2003 incinerator retrofit. "Some of the SWAP's were done, short term gain for long term pain."

Bruce Barnes can't recall how much he or his firm made from Authority SWAP's.

On the Forensic Audit preformed for the Harrisburg Authority. "It is in fact lacking."

SWAP's for the School District, SWAP's for The Harrisburg Authority, SWAP's for the Parking Authority.

My involvement is financing the project. The project financing was a very good financing. Six SWAP's in two years is unusual.

By 2007 the SWAP market had become flooded.

The self liquidating debt certificate for the city was poorly done.

The county (Dauphin County) has been a hero here.

Photo/Dani Lucus

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