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By Jamie Serra
Friday August 09, 2013 at 11:04 am

Autumn L. Cooper and Joseph K. Lahr have filed objections to challenge the candidacy of Nate Curtis for Mayor. Here's a copy of their challenge.

Cooper and Lahr's filing alleges that Mr. Curtis is ineligible to be elected or serve as Mayor of Harrisburg due to his failure to meet residency requirements pursuant to the Third Class City Code. This is an issued we raised when Nate Curtis officially announced his candidacy for Mayor.

In addition to residency requirements, Cooper and Lahr highlight the fact that Curtis' nomination petitions omit the required "Committee to Fill Vacancies" on each of the nomination petitions that were circulated and filed. As a result, the petitioners claim that all of Nate's petitions must be disregarded.

The last charge filed against Curtis is for filing a defective statement of financial interest. In the original statement Curtis filed he did not disclose any creditors, and he specified that his only source of income was from the Pennsylvania Air National Guard.

The last challenge stipulates that Curtis had at least one creditor to whom he owed more than $6,500 dollars and income greater than $1,300 dollars from an additional source that he did not disclose. Pennsylvania law requires both of these instances to be disclosed.

Photo by Natalie Cake.

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