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By Jamie Serra
Monday August 26, 2013 at 4:21 pm

Mayor Thompson held a presser Tuesday morning on the Harrisburg Strong Plan. Video That's all behind us now.

The Office of the Receiver has filled the Receiver's plan for the management of Harrisburg's assets in Commonwealth Court late this afternoon.

The plan provides a comprehensive set of initiatives and funding to allow the City of Harrisburg to address its financial challenges .

Here is a copy of the Harrisburg Strong Plan, as filled by the Harrisburg Receiver's Office.

Harrisburg Receiver William Lynch. Video Part-1. Lynch interview after the filing of the Harrisburg Strong Plan Part 1, Stranded Debt.

Harrisburg Receiver William Lynch. Video Part-2. Parking revenue of $4-$6 Million a year.

Harrisburg Receiver William Lynch. Video Part-3. "The whole ugly incinerator debt history goes away."

Governor Corbett offered the following remarks following the plans filing.

"I am proud of the work that has been done by the Office of the Receiver, along with the commitment of all the stakeholders involved in Harrisburg's recovery effort, to finding a viable solution to this extremely challenging problem," Governor Tom Corbett said.

"We believe this recovery plan will not only address Harrisburg's past financial difficulties and substantial debt, but also open the door for future growth, development and financial stability.

"This plan demonstrates that it is possible for all concerned parties to work together in crafting a remedy for Harrisburg’s fiscal crisis, which can hopefully serve as a guide for other financially distressed communities."

Harrisburg City Council issued the following statement in regard to the recovery plan within an hour after the plan being filed.

Updated at : 3:03 pm 8/27/2013

The Commonwealth Court has issued an order which sets the date of hearing for the Harrisburg Strong Plan as September 19th, 2013 at 10:30 am in Courtroom 5001, Fifth Floor, Pennsylvania Judicial Center, 601 Commonwealth Avenue, Harrisburg, PA.

A copy of the court's order is available here.

Updated at : 3:35 pm 8/27/2013

Dan Miller issued the following statement to Council President Wanda Williams in regard to Harrisburg City Council's decision to seek competent financial advisors to review the Receiver's Plan.

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