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By Jamie Serra
Friday November 01, 2013 at 4:51 pm

Only three days remain until residents of Harrisburg get to select their next Mayor for the City.

On the Harrisburg May 21, 2013 primary Comptroller Dan Miller lost the primary to Eric Papenfuse by 396 votes and Mayor Linda Thompson trailed by 664 votes. Although Miller lost the Democratic primary he managed to obtain enough Republican write-in votes to secure a spot on the Republican ticket for Tuesday's General election.

In 2009 over 9,000 voters turned out at the polls where Linda Thompson defeated Nevin Mindlin by 842 votes.

The question of whether Thompson’s supporters show up to the polls to support a candidate they didn’t want is a big question. Aaron Johnson is betting that he can obtain all of Thompson's supporters or at least a large majority.

Miller and Papenfuse both managed to secure 2 of the precincts with the highest turnout percentages in the primary, these areas overwhelmingly supported former Mayor Stephen Reed in 2009. In the recent primary Thompson retained all but 7 wards that she won in 2009, of them Papenfuse picked up 6 to Miller’s 1.

If anyone thinks a write-in candidate does not stand a chance then you need to look at Detroit's Mayoral Hopeful Mike Duggan who won 94% of the precincts in Detroit on a write-in campaign after he was removed from the ballot. Duggan is also the front-runner in Tuesday's race as well.

The following map highlights the results of the May 21, 2013 primary. Miller is in Blue, Papenfuse is Orange and Thompson is Red. Click each precinct to view the location of its polling place and current voter registration statistics.

We’ll be hosting a similar map on Election Day that will provide precinct results in real-time.

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