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By Jamie Serra
Friday January 10, 2014 at 1:40 pm

The following news release accompanied Mayor Eric Papenfuse's Transition Team Report that was released earlier today.

A full copy of the report is available here.

Mayor Eric Papenfuse today released the final report from the seven transition teams, which offered analyses and recommendations on how to improve the operations of city government in his administration.

“This report represents hours of hard work from very dedicated people who want to see Harrisburg rise out of its problems and become the model capital it should be,” Papenfuse said in releasing the report. “I would like to again thank all of those who contributed to this document and assure them that their ideas, suggestions and warnings will serve as a guide for our administration.”

The final report was prepared by Robert Melville, who has worked with transition teams throughout the country to ensure citizen engagement in the transition process. Melville served as facilitator for some of the transition team meetings and provided guidance to the transition chairs. Karl Singleton and Joyce Davis served as co-chairs of the transition process.

More than 70 people were involved in the transition teams and included community activists, leaders of nonprofit organizations, educators, business people, political leaders and youth. The teams spent several weeks following the November general election engaged in meetings, compiling information and organizing notes for the final report.

For more information, see the attached report or contact Joyce M. Davis at; 717 255 3015.

Photo By Danielle Lucas

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