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By James Roxbury
Friday June 13, 2014 at 12:40 pm

Metro Bank bid $1.7 million for the property located at 116 Pine Street Harrisburg, the bank held a mortgage against the building and bid to protect it's interest in the property, Harrisburg based real estate developer Philip Dobson was the back bidder at $1.6 million.

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Delinquent Taxes.

Tax Year Total Due

2013 $133,008.68

2012 $141,548.32

2011 $150,858.94

2010 $159,569.86

Total $584,985.80


Deed, Mortgage, Forbearance and Promissory Note Modification documents of 116 Pine Street LLC.

Year 06/20/2008

MUSALAIR TRUST to PINE STREET LLC. Sale Price $4,800,000

Special Warranty Deed. Musalair Trust, Trustees Hovig Ralph Vartin, Taleen M. Vartan, Vahe K. Vartan and Pine Street LLC.

Open-End Mortgage and Security Agreement. Commerce Bank Harrisburg Mortgagee and Pine Street LLC Mortgagor by Jacob A. Frydman.

Open-End Mortgage and Security Agreement. Pine Street LLC by Roy J. Wells Manager.


Published by PennLive July 21, 2008

The New York City businessmen who bid $215 million bid to lease Harrisburg's public parking facilities has purchased a downtown office building.

Jacob Frydman's White Acre Equities, a real estate holding company based in Manhattan, paid $4.8 million for the 55,000-square-foot office building at 116 Pine St. The anchor tenant and co-owner is Triad Strategies, a communications and lobbying firm that occupies about 13,000-square-feet on the building's fourth and fifth floors.

Triad is representing Frydman in his bid for a 75-year lease of 8,500 public parking spaces, including nine city parking garages, two public lots and 1,200 metered spaces. City Council is still considering the deal.

Frydman confirmed the deal by e-mail but referred comment to Triad President Roy Wells.

Wells said he has been eyeing buying the building since his company leased space there in 2002. Wells said he had negotiated a right of first refusal on its purchase as part of the lease with the Vartan Group.

Negotiations on the sale began nearly a year ago when Vartan officials signaled a desire to sell. Wells said he brought Frydman in as partner because of his vast real estate background and his growing interest in Harrisburg.

"I always wanted to own the building, but I am not a real estate guy," Wells said.

Triad and White Acre Equities will be partners in the building, with Frydman's firm managing it, Wells said.


Tax sale list.

Updated to add Recorder of Deed documents.

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