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By James Roxbury
Wednesday February 04, 2015 at 4:56 pm

Alan Kennedy-Shaffer, attorney for Swatara township commissioners Connolly, Chiavetta, Troxell, and Bouder explains a ruling by handed down Wednesday afternoon by Dauphin County Judge Scott Evans.

Judge Evans main ruling was to appoint three impartial commissioners to reapportion Swatara township.


Lawsuit filed January 27th 2015.

Swatata township commissioners Thomas Connolly, Steven Chiavetta, Edward Troxell, and Richard Bouder filed a Petition For Injunctive Relief related to the Municipal Reapportionment Act today in the Dauphin county court of common pleas.

The filing claims the township has been in violation of Article IX, section 11 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and 53 Pa C.S.A section 903.

The petition ask the court for immediate reapportionment of the township.



Swatara township meeting January 27th 2015.

Swatara township commissioners held the third and final special meeting Tuesday evening to allow public comment on a proposal to change the current nine ward voting system to an at-large one ward district, if adopted the makeup of the board of commissioners would change from nine members to five.

Commissioner Ed Troxell offered a motion to draft an ordinance to reapportion within the nine wards to equalize the population of the township in accordance with the constitution of the Commonwealth.

The motion fails by a five to four vote.


Chairman Moyer opens the meeting to comments from the audience.

Videos of people in favor of an at-large voting district.

Former Swatara township commissioner. Kevin Sidella.

Chris Fries.

Chris Fries.

Central Dauphin school board member. Brian Faleshock.

In favor of smaller government.


Audience members supporting the current 9 ward system.

Mike Farling.

Mary Klaus.

Brian Beistline.

Elizabeth Jones.

Phillis Bennett.


Attorney Alan Kennedy-Schaffer. Working Pro bono.


Swatara township meeting December 10th 2014.

Swatara township commissioners discuss a proposed Township Reapportionment plan developed by a five member Reapportionment Committee.

Committee members.

Chairman - David Milletics.

Michael Musser.

Anthony Spagnolo.

Sam Marisco.

Terry May.


The board approved a motion to hold at lease three public meetings related to the reapportionment plan.

Steve Chiavetta.

A series of public meetings.

Edward Troxell.

I would like to offer a motion.

Andrew Moyer.

We stalled our feet on this.

By a 5-4 vote commissioners approved a motion sponsored by Edward Troxell

Retain the current ward system consisting of nine wards until a series of three or more public meetings are held.

Reapportionment committee member Anthony Spagnolo.

You don't have to advertise.

Township tax collector Joseph Donato chimes in.

Were going down the wrong road.

Tom Connolly.

This is a public mic, so people are getting the opportunity to speak publicly, and they're critical of giving other people the same opportunity.

Andrew Moyer.

First public meeting, December 16th at 7pm.

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