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By James Roxbury
Tuesday April 14, 2015 at 5:38 pm

Harrisburg City Council Legislative Agenda. Tuesday April 14, 2015 6pm.


•Bill 3-2015 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 2-509 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Harrisburg to provide for the oversight of the uses of all Act 101 Host Municipality funds.

•Bill 4-2015 – An Ordinance amending Chapter 11 of the Codified Ordinances of City of Harrisburg on “Blight Remediation” to adopt Part 5 (11-501), providing for the imposition of certain fines relating to corporate purchase and ownership of certain residential real property.




•Resolution 20-2015 – A Resolution urging Congress and the United States Department of Transportation to review and update specifications for tank car design and regulations to lessen the number of oil trail derailments and for rail companies to rapidly upgrade and replace crude oil tank cars and urging greater communication between the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and local emergency management officials to better prepare for oil train accidents.

•Resolution – 11-2015 - A Resolution approving the transfer of property located at 28-36 North Cameron Street and 38-40 North Cameron Street to the Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority for sale or other disposition related to planned business development along the Cameron Street Corridor.

•Resolution 27-2015 - A Resolution approving the sale, donation and surrender of certain unused personal property of the City.

•Resolution 28-2015 - A Resolution appointing Mr. Bruce Weber, the Director of the Department of Budget and Finance for the City of Harrisburg, to serve as the Dauphin County Tax Collection Committee delegate for the City of Harrisburg and appointing Ms. Hillary Greene, the Purchasing Manager for the City of Harrisburg, to serve as the alternate delegate.

•Resolution 29-2015 - A Resolution confirming the Mayoral Appointment of Ms. Marta Rifin, Esquire to serve as a member of the Board of Directors for Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority.

•Resolution 30-2015 - A Resolution authorizing the City of Harrisburg to apply for a grant from the Commonwealth's Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for the rehabilitation of five City Playgrounds.

•Resolution 31-2015 - A Resolution approving the Lease Agreement and Memorandum of Lease Agreement, the forms of which are attached hereto as Exhibit A (together, the "Lease"), between Harrisburg Parking Authority, as lessor (the "Parking Authority"), and Cellco Partnership doing business as Verizon Wireless, as lessee ("Verizon"), for installation, operation and maintenance of communications antennas and related equipment on the City Island Parking Garage, and authorizing and directing the execution and delivery of the Lease by the City of Harrisburg, as owner of the land upon which the City Island Parking Garage is constructed (the "City").

•Resolution 32-2015 - A Resolution ratifying a Professional Services Agreement with Everbridge, Inc. for a software system for disseminating emergency and non-emergency electronic notifications to City residents.

•Resolution 33-2015 - A Resolution approving a Consulting Services Agreement with Bryan K. Wade (the "Contractor") to develop Program Sales, Station Sponsorships and Grants for the City's television station, WHBG TV 20 ("TV 20").

•Resolution 34-2015 - A Resolution opposing any increase in truck size or weight.

•Resolution 35-2015 - A Resolution requesting the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission to adopt regulations permitting Counties and Municipalities to use digital media to retain permanent records, to draft regulations that are similar to those approved by the National Archives and Records Administration ("NARA"), eliminate the requirement for Counties and Municipalities to use both microfilm and digital media for document retention, and update the regulations pertaining to the retention of certain permanent records.

•Resolution 36-2015 - A Resolution ratifying the submission of a Pennsylvania State Clean Diesel Grant Program Project Application to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to facilitate a project that will decrease emission from diesel-powered waste disposal trucks in the City of Harrisburg Public Works Department ("Public Works") diesel fleet and create a demand for compressed natural gas (CNG) to fuel clean engine technologies.

•Resolution 37-2015 - A Resolution ratifying the submission of a Grant Application to Highmark Blue Shield for $100,000 to use towards the Parks & Recreation Enrichment - Summer & After-School program.

•Resolution 38-2015 - A Resolution Ratifying a Custom Pricing Agreement with Guttman Energy for the generation of electricity for certain properties and accounts.

•Resolution 39-2015 - A Resolution approving the Second Proposed 2015 Budget Reallocations.

•Resolution 40-2015 - A Resolution dedicating the City-Owned parcels along South Cameron Street (“Property”) ,which includes approximately .6 miles of the Capital Area Greenbelt Trail (“Greenbelt”) corridor, as public open space for recreation and a component of the public park lands of the City of Harrisburg and to authorize a cooperative agreement with Dauphin County and the Capital Area Greenbelt Association to seek state and/or federal funding for construction of a permanent all-weather trail surface on the Property and to maintain such improvements.




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