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By James Roxbury
Wednesday May 13, 2015 at 12:51 pm

Council passes Bill #18 (LERTA) of 2014 by a 4-3 vote.

•Bill 18-2014 (As Amended) – An Ordinance providing for residential and commercial 10-Year Tax Abatement and Exemption programs in the City of Harrisburg for qualifying improvements and new construction; designating the City’s boundaries to be the qualifying boundaries for deteriorated neighborhoods in a residential property program; designating the City’s boundaries as the qualifying boundaries for a commercial property program; providing for tax abatement and exemption schedules for qualifying improvements to and new construction of residential and commercial properties throughout Harrisburg; providing incentives for additional exemptions for job creation; ensuring minority business participation, prevailing wage and residential participation in qualifying improvement and new construction projects; authorizing an administrator of these programs; ensuring due process of applicants by authorizing the creation of a board of review; amending Chapter 5-503 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Harrisburg to provide for these new programs, including the repeal of sections inconsistent with these new programs, and related matters.

Highlights from Tuesday's city council meeting.

Susan Brown Wilson calls out Brad Koplinsk during caucus.

This is only going because its election time.

Amendment to the LERTA bill.

Brad Koplinski comments on the amendment.

This is a red herring.

Wanda Williams speaks against an unnamed real estate developer.

He has renovated those homes and none of our residents in the city of Harrisburg live there.

Shamaine Daniels.

I have a moral compass, that's guided by a brain.

The vote on Bill 18 as amended.

Sandra Reids votes yes.

Comments from resident Bill Cluck.

Until about 15 minutes ago, I was vice chairman of Capital Region Water.

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