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By James Roxbury
Saturday May 30, 2015 at 1:28 pm

Harrisburg city council member Sandra Reid was arrested in Clayton County Georgia Thursday evening.

Sandra Rene Reid Harrisburg Pa.

Admitted to Clayton county prison May 28 7:56pm

Released May 30 2:57am

Battery - Simple

Some highlights of Reid's term as a council member.


As released by the Office of the Dauphin County District Attorney.

Harrisburg – The Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office has completed its review of the incident giving rise to the arrest of Harrisburg City Couniclwoman Sandra Reid on November 26, 2014, at a city gas station. District Attorney Edward M. Marsico, Jr. has determined that a summary charge of disorderly conduct is warranted against Ms. Reid. Ms. Reid unnecessarily inserted herself in an active arrest and ignored numerous requests to allow the police to continue their work at the scene of the arrest without interference. The District Attorney concluded that a misdemeanor charge of obstructing the administration of law did not apply to her conduct. That charge requires proof of force, violence, or similar unlawful act and there was no evidence of such conduct in this case.

The video surveillance from the gas station and the patrol car demonstrated that the two police officers involved acquitted themselves appropriately and with extraordinary patience throughout the incident. The officers had arrested a man who had been involved in an incident inside the gas station/convenience store with a woman whom he had prevented from leaving the store. Ms. Reid pulled into the station and her headlights shone into the face of the arrestee. Police asked Ms. Reid to turn off her lights and after a few requests she did turn off the lights, then turned them back on, before finally turning them off again. Ms. Reid then instructed the officers to take the arrested person inside the store, presumably on account of the cold. The temperature at the time of arrest was 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The arrestee, who was seated, seemed comfortable and was cooperative with the two officers there. During her interaction with the one officer, Ms. Reid demanded his name and badge number. Ms. Reid repeatedly berated the police during their detention of the person arrested. Ms. Reid had no connection to the arrested person or the circumstances that led to his arrest. Ms. Reid ignored numerous requests from the police to stop interfering with the arrest and detention of the man. After her arrest, Ms. Reid identified herself as a member of city council and indicated an intention to call the chief of police.

As part of its review process, the District Attorney’s office read a report of an earlier interaction between Ms. Reid and a Harrisburg Bureau of Police officer. On August 27, 2014, Ms. Reid confronted a uniformed officer in a marked vehicle near her house. The officer had his emergency lights on and was investigating the theft of a car on that street. Ms. Reid ordered the officer to move his car. When he informed her that he was conducting an official investigation, Ms. Reid threatened to call the chief of police. After the officer again informed her that he was conducting an official investigation, Ms. Reid repeated the order for the officer to move his car and demanded his name and badge number. After being informed that her neighbor’s car had been stolen, Ms. Reid responded, “Oh, I didn’t know”, and then let the officer continue his investigation. These charges are mere allegations and Ms. Reid is presumed innocent at this time.


Updated 6:30pm

As released by the Office of the Mayor.

The Mayor expressed regret at the recent incident that led to the arrest of Councilwoman Sandra Reid on charges of obstruction of justice after she allegedly interfered with police officers as they were arresting a suspect at 15th and State Streets.

The District Attorney today reduced the charges against Reid to disorderly conduct.

“This was a most unfortunate incident that escalated too quickly,” Papenfuse said. “But it has inspired us to reflect on the underlying reasons for the tensions in our communities, and to work to address them to prevent the kind of unrest we are seeing in other cities.”


When asked for a comment on being arrested for obstruction of justice Tuesday evening, Sandra Reid replied

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot"

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse.

The Dauphin county District Attorney's office is reviewing the arrest.

Council member Sandra Reid is upset with the $90K grant offer by CREDC, Reid equates the grant offer to "The Iranian Hostage Crisis."

Reid believes that Dave Black and CREDC waited until Mayor Linda D.Thompson was out of office before offering to fund the cost of hiring a city employee, Reid calls out Dave Black asking him what his motivation is for offering a grant of $90K to the city.

Video. This particular organization mocked this city, mocked the previous mayor.


Harrisburg city council meeting November 25, 2014.

Harrisburg city council member Sandra Reid voiced strong comments on "transient people" who she said "come into the city and benefit from the use of our city."

Reid's comments were related to a proposed commercial development that she supported and voted to approve.

"For the benefit of those transient people that come into our city , that take their high salaries back to the suburbs."


Archive video published July 9, 2014

Harrisburg city council member Sandra Reid doubles down on comments she made during Monday nights council meeting, Reid once again refers to Harrisburg's restaurant row " A Sodom and Gomorrah that we have now."

Council member Ben Allett asks Reid - Do you realize what religious extremists use Sodom and Gomorrah as a reference for?. "It's to denounce people who happen to be LGBT."

Response from Sandra Reid. "Sodom and Gomorrah was a place for people went to party and revel".

And Reid went on to explain "First time I've ever heard that reference, so I can not be held accountable for something I did not know".


From Monday's City Council meeting.

Harrisburg city council member Sandra Reid is a little upset that "Outsiders" are visiting second streets restaurant row.

Reid referred to downtown Harrisburg as "Sin City" and having a "Sodom and Gomorrah" type of atmosphere, "It's, I'm going to go here because I don't give a rats butt about the city of Harrisburg anyway."


Archive April 23, 2014

During Tuesday's Harrisburg city council meeting council member Sandra Reid read from a prepared statement related to her "Trash can donation program"

Is council member Reid talking about the trash problem in Harrisburg, or just trash talking?

Watch the videos of her comments:

Sandra Reid. Only 20 trash cans?

If your not part of the solution then you must be part of the problem. It is plain as the nose on my face.

Whats going on with the trash in Harrisburg? So when I asked two very powerful leaders of this community how they were going to support the trash can drive, they basically told me they were not.

Look at where the codes are being enforced. There are no children, low crime rate, and economic development is everywhere. This cannot just be a coincidence.

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