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By James Roxbury
Saturday August 01, 2015 at 12:20 pm

Grand Jury report Page 21.

Of Reed's control of the enterprise that is the Harrisburg School District, Gretton testified "if you look at the history of the [school] board of control… there were certain times when somebody from the Board of Control didn't agree with one of [Reed's] decisions and that person was quickly replaced…"[T]he control was coming from above,[Reed's] level." Indeed, Reed threatened to fire Gretton himself when "I made a decision that conflicted with something [Reed] thought should happen…"


Archive video August 9, 2007 Harrisburg School Board of Control meeting.

Harrisburg Board of Control member Les Ford.

A vote of no confidence for Harrisburg School District CEO and Superintendent Gerald Kohn.

Board member Clare Jones.

Get the horses to stop shitting.

Les Ford interview after after the meeting.

Ms. Jones interrupts the interview.

Clare Jones.

This is grandstanding.

Les Ford was removed from the Board of Control by Mayor Steve Reed within days of his motion of no confidence.

Screen shot Ms. Jones 8.9.7

Correction - the text embedded in videos misspells Ms Jones name as Clarey it should read Clare

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