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By James Roxbury
Wednesday January 06, 2016 at 4:27 pm

Two hearings were held Wednesday in Dauphin county court of common pleas related to the criminal charges filed against former Harrisburg mayor Steve Reed.

Senior Judge Kevin A. Hess presided over both hearings, the first concerned a request by Reed's attorney Henry Hochiemer, Jr. to dismiss 306 criminal charges based on time limits for statues of limitations and a second afternoon hearing based on three appeals filed by the solicitors office of the City of Harrisburg concerning Right-To-Know requests filed by Reed's defense team.

The first hearing lasted 30 minutes with Judge Hess setting a seven day time limit for the office of the Attorney General to file an answer to the defense request, with a sixty day period for response and up to thirty days for the prosecution to reply.

The second hearing lasted seven minutes with Judge Hess granting city solicitor Neil Grover thirty days to file a brief in support of the city's argument.

Video of attorneys describing today's proceedings.

Henry E. Hochiemer, Jr. Partner Ballard Spahr.

The statue of limitations issue.

The Office of Open Records agreed with us.

Rebecca Franz, Deputy Attorney General.

We've provided a voluminous amount of discovery, and within that discovery are many of the answers he wants.

Neil Grover, Solicitor for the City of Harrisburg.

We are under Grand Jury limitations of what we can do.

That is nonsense. We are under a gag order.

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