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By James Roxbury
Wednesday February 17, 2016 at 9:27 am

Dauphin county commissioners have scheduled a vote to award more than $6 million in Local Share Gaming Grants.

Mark Stewart and George Conner.

The list of recommendations.

The city of Harrisburg and administration fees.


C. 2015-2016 Dauphin County Local Share Municipal Grant Awards:

(A Vote is Requested 2/17/16)

Host & Contiguous

1. East Hanover Township

($800,000 debt service for Public Works bldg.

$275,000 fire station debt service;

also received a $408,600 reallocation toward fire station debt)

- $1,075,000

2. South Hanover Township

(New municipal/fire complex) - $250,000

3. Derry Township

($250,000 fire station;

$35,000 Vista Foundation;

$20,000 Gemma’s Angels mobile market project;

$25,000MS Hershey Foundation gardens project)

- $330,000

4. Middle Paxton Township

($103,960 Fishing Creek Community Bldg.;

$74,000 Middle Paxton-Dauphin Joint Park Auth. baseball field improvements;

$17,000 fire company engine debt service reduction;

$20,650 Dauphin Recreation Association pool repairs)

- $215,610

5. West Hanover Township

($100,000 fire station debt reduction;

$100,000 SR 39 debt reduction)

- $200,000

Other Awards

1. Dauphin County Parks & Recreation

(Detweiler Park project) - $257,500

2. Susquehanna Township

(Public Safety Bldg. expansion) - $200,000

3. Lower Swatara Township

($52,000 bridge replacement debt;

$50,000 fire apparatus debt reduction)

- $102,000

4. Upper Paxton Township

(New municipal building) - $100,000

5. Millersburg Borough/Millersburg Fire

(Water supply/hose improvement project) - $65,938

6. City of Harrisburg

($57,500 Bur. of Police laptops; $104,000 HVAC Fire Station #1) - $161,500

7. Lykens Borough

(Fire truck refurbishment) - $20,625

8. West Hanover Township/Central Dauphin School District

(School safety improvement project) - $83,000

9. Lower Paxton Township

($50,000 Comprehensive Plan update;

$40,000 Devon Manor;

$40,000 Penn Colonial;

$25,132 Koons Park)

- $155,132

10. Londonderry Township

(Waterline infrastructure project) - $177,000

11. Jackson Township

(Fisherville Fire Co. firehouse improvements) - $142,000

12. Steelton Borough

($77,800 Washington St. stormwater improvements;

$37,083 firefighting equipment)

- $114,883

13. Swatara Township

(Chambers Hill Fire Co. station improvements) - $93,800

14. Hummelstown Borough

(New municipal building debt retirement) - $33,891

15. Penbrook Borough

(Elm Street Park improvements) - $28,178

16. Highspire Borough

(Fire station improvements) - $45,000

17. Wiconisco Township

(Water main replacement) - $35,600

18. Steelton Borough/Jump Street

(School to Table Greenhouse Project) - $114,773

19. Lykens Community

LP/Dauphin County Redevelopment Authority - (Union House Apartments redevelopment) - $200,000

20. City of Harrisburg/Harrisburg River Rescue

(Facility improvements) - $76,432

21. Susquehanna Twp./Susquehanna Twp. EMS

(1 new Ferno Powerflexx stretcher) - $10,338

22. Penn State Harrisburg

(CHOP program development; condition to coordinate review and implementation of program content with Dauphin County Drug & Alcohol Services) - $77,250

23. Arooga’s

(Equipment for expansion of manufacturing operations center)


24. Humane Society of Harrisburg Area

(Facility improvements; match condition) - $50,000

25. West Hanover Twp./MDJ Court Administration

(MDJ buildings) - $200,000

26. Tri-County Regional Planning Commission

(SR 39 corridor study) - $235,000

27. Tri-County HDC

(Mulder Square project; condition for appropriate historic review)

- $75,000

28. Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 520

(Upgrade fume extraction system at training facility) - $80,000

29. Iron Workers Local 404

(New roof for training facility) - $87,000


(Hbg youth baseball field project; condition for field enclosure/non-multi-purpose) - $134,000

31. Lower Paxton Twp./Bishop McDevitt High School (Baseball facility improvements; condition that must coordinate with adjacent softball field and submission of facility community use program to Dauphin County for review and comment) - $75,000

32. Dauphin County General Authority

(maintenance equipment acquisition; received reallocation of $2,917.39) - $69,083

33. Salvation Army

(New headquarters and services facility) - $100,000

34. City of Harrisburg/Homeland Ctr (Generator project) - $90,000

35. City of Harrisburg/East Shore YMCA (Resident facility improvements) - $60,000

36. Catholic Charities (Elevator project) - $50,000

37. JT Dorsey Foundation

(After-school & mentoring program equipment) - $10,410

38. Keystone Human Services (2 service dogs; condition for persons in Dauphin County – priority to veterans) - $50,000

39. West Hanover Twp./M.A. Novosel Medal of Honor Vietnam Veterans of America (Handicap accessible van acquisition) - $25,000

40. Williamstown American Legion

(Veterans’ facility upgrades) - $45,000

41. City of Harrisburg /R.J. Veterans Cent er (ADA improvements to veterans center) - $11,000

42. Halifax Borough (VFW debt retirement) - $20,000

43. Millersburg Borough/Ned Smith Ctr.

(All-terrain emergency response vehicle) - $14,000

44. City of Harrisburg/Blackberry Street Associates (Technology Center & workforce development program) - $50,000

45. City of Harrisburg/Fair Housing Council (Facility renovations – completion of Phase III) - $83,380

46. Pillow Borough

(Water treatment plant upgrades) - $50,000

47. Middletown Public Library

(Facility repairs) - $7,500

48. DC Bar Foundation

(Legal Services campaign for children; match condition) -



Gaming Advisory Board Meeting 2.15.2016.

Dauphin county gaming advisory board met Monday morning to discuss and review 2015-2016 local share gaming grant applications.

A total of $6,161,730 in grants were recommended for approval to the Dauphin county commissioners.

Mark Stewart, Eckert Seamans

Grant recommendations.

Harrisburg's request for administration fees.

Dauphin county and sponsorship.

Arooga's $77,907 grant.

Why grant Bishop McDevitt high school $75K for improvements to a baseball facility.

Mike Musser

That's why we have public meetings.

Host & Contiguous

East Hanover Township $1,075,000

Public Works building debt

Reduction of firehouse debt

South Hanover Township $250,000

Construction of new municipal/fire complex

Derry Township $330,000

Fire Station

Vista Found

Gemma's Angels

M.S. Hershey Foundation

Middle Paxton Township $215,610

Fishing Creek community building

Dauphin-Middle Paxton Jnt. Park Auth

Fire company apparatus debt

Dauphin Rec. Association

West Hanover Township $200,000

Reduction of firehouse debt

SR 39 debt reduction

Subtotal $2,070,610


Municipal Recommended Funding

Subtotal $4,091,120

Grant Total Recommended $6,161,730


Published minutes of the meeting


Harrisburg, PA

Monday, February 15, 2016 9:00 a.m.

Call to Order

David Craig, Chairman called the meeting to order at 9:06 a.m. Members Present: David Craig, Matt Tunnell, Keith Umberger and Jim Szymborski

Others Present: Also present were Mark Stewart, LaToya Bellamy, Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC; Michael Musser, II, Community Networking Resources; George Connor and Deb Laudenslager

Absent: Larry Cooney

Public Participation: Skip Memmi, Jim Roxbury and Jim Young

Mr. Memmi announced his retirement from Dauphin County and wanted to thank the Board. The Board members also gave their thanks to Skip.

Hollywood Casino Financial Summary & Projections

Mr. Stewart reviewed the year end 2015 summary of financial performance for the casino. The casino was up slightly in 2015 compared to the previous years in terms of gaming revenue. It did not have a material difference and approximately the same amount of funds are available this year as last year.

The County’s direct local share is up $17,824.00 over last year. The category of excess minimum annual local share is down $6244.00 and that amount does decrease each year because the East Hanover Township direct share increases. This year their share was a little less because of a mistake that was made by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

For the year, there is a little over $5,000.00 more available this year over last year. The month over month break down was distributed to the board members. Statewide the revenues were up.

The gross terminal revenue number total is $215 million. In 2012, it was $250 million. It has gone down over time. Last year it was $213 million. Not sure if we will ever get up to the $250M again. Tough economic years and competition are some of the issues that affect these numbers.

Review of 2015-2016 Recommended Gaming Applications

As in the past years, the Chairman formulated his list for the Board members to review and use as a guide.

Mr. Stewart reviewed the recommendations with the Board as they were outlined in the handout distributed at the meeting.

A discussion was held about the City asking for administrative fees which would go towards the salary of the City Grants Coordinator. There is not a lot of administrative burden on grant awards. A question was raised as to whether or not we can strengthen our guidelines so that this situation does not occur again.

A motion was made to recommend to the Commissioners that verbiage should be added to the grant agreements that the municipality should not charge and/or collect a fee for the sponsorship of applications.

Motion: Mr. Tunnell

Second: Mr. Umberger

Motion passed 4 – 0, 1 absent

Several of the grants were recommended with conditions. These were clarified and discussed.

Jim Young, a parent and a spokesperson for the Bishop McDevitt baseball field project spoke and clarified what the use of the field would be for. It would be used for tournaments, to improve ADA access. The money would not be used for maintenance of the fields. It would be used for bathroom improvements, concession stands and stands for fans.

Mr. Musser did say that there were a lot of conversations with the applicants this year about phasing their projects or decreasing the project costs down a little so that there was a better chance of their grant being funded.

A motion was made to recommend the list as provided to the Board with the conditions that are stated. The conditions were: Penn State Harrisburg to coordinate with the county, Lower Paxton/ Bishop McDevitt conditioned on coordination with the adjacent softball field in addition to a submission to DCED for review of a community use program report. An additional recommendation was made that none of the local share dollars awarded should be used for municipal administrative fees related to sponsorship and that no municipal sponsorship fees be permitted.

Motion: Mr. Tunnell

Second: Mr. Szymborski

Motion passed 4 – 0, 1 absent

Board Comments

The presentation to the Board of Commissioners will be made on Wednesday, February 17 at 10:00 a.m.


Mr. Craig made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:20 a.m.

Motion: Mr. Tunnell

Second: Mr. Szymborski

Motion passed 4 – 0, 1 absent

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