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By Jamie Serra
Tuesday November 05, 2013 at 7:33 am

The following map will begin displaying election returns precinct by precinct as they are reported. Miller will be shaded in Blue, Papenfuse in Orange and write-in votes will be white. Until then, we'll be traveling around the city harvesting voter turnout information. Areas with information will turn green.

Click each precinct to view the location of its polling place and current turnout information by clicking "Municipal Turnout". For mobile users you can view our map here.

Election Day November 5th.

Polls Open. 7am Doors Open.

Eric Papenfuse Votes 7:17am . 14 Ward.

Dan Miller Votes10:34am.

We question Dan on the Aaron Johnson Write-In campaign. I thing he's going to get a lot more votes that people expect.

Dan Miller on Republicans for Papenfuse. It's Pretty Much A Sham.

1:07 pm Eric Papenfuse visits 10-1. Eric and Dan.

Dan Miller final pre-election press event held Monday November 4, 2013 at 11am.

Follow the Money.

Campaign Finances.

Is the Republican Party helping you.

Photo/Dani Fresh.

Eric Papenfuse For Mayor 24 Hour Report. Pa State Democratic Committee.

Eric Papenfuse For Mayor 24 Hour Report. Andrew Giorgione Again.

Eric Papenfuse For Mayor 24 Hour Report. 7500 In Street Money.

Archive Video. Eric Papenfuse as a member of The Harrisburg Authority September 5, 2007. Pay-to-Play and campaign contributions to the mayors campaign committee,

For those of you that intend to vote on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 and haven't been following Harrisburg's Mayoral Election closely, we've assembled a compilation of our coverage thus far to provide an overview of the candidates, their positions and campaign finances.

Campaign Finance Reports:

Nevin Mindlin Pre-election Campaign Finance Report.

Dan Miller Pre-election Campaign Finance Report.

Eric Papenfuse Pre-election Campaign Finance Report.

Aaron Johnson Pre-election Campaign Finance Report.

Pre-Primary Mayoral Forums:

Capitol Region Stonewall Democrats Candidates Forum April 8, 2013. Dan Miller.

Eric Papenfuse.

Lewis Butts.

Harrisburg Area Community College/Harrisburg Hope.

Harrisburg Mayor Forum Thursday April 11, 2013 Harrisburg Area Community College:

Mayor Linda D. Thompson: I'm going to stay the course.

Eric Papenfuse: A relationship problem in Harrisburg.

Lewis Butts: The best.

Nevin Mindlin: David Unkovic and I are friends.

Second Question: How do you secure concessions from creditors?

Third Question: The issue of guns, how will you make city streets safer?

Eric Papenfuse: Common sense compromises.

Lewis Butts: We need a Harrisburg Police Academy.

Nevin Mindlin: In terms of safer streets, it is not going to happen by PR ploys.

Mayor Thompson: Experience, commitment, and results.

Fourth Question: Clean streets and regionalism.

Questions from the audience: Day to day management.

Question on Harrisburg Police shooting dogs and the contract the Humane Society: Shooting dogs

Harrisburg city employee and Mayor Thompson supporter Tim Doutrich: Whats your training?

Question A regional authority.

Question: Education

Question: Highly qualified professional staff. Mayor Thompson "I don't have time and patience for wimpy, whiny people."

Question: Commuting into Harrisburg: Tax abatement, KOZ zones.

Question: Why you and not Thompson? The unidentified man.

Final Questions: Mayor forum closing questions.

African American Chamber of Commerce of Central PA.

The African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Pennsylvania candidates forum April 18, 2013. Mayoral candidates Linda D. Thompson, Eric Papenfuse, Lewis Butts, and Dan Miller participated.

Video 1 Opening statements.

Video 2 A street team. "What are you going to bring to the table."

Video 3 A rebuttal

Video 4 Technology and Economic Plans for Harrisburg

Video 5 Mayor Thompson. "This is a debate and the gloves come off."

Video 6 Lewis Butts. "And they hot wire their fences so our kids get electrocuted."

Video 7 Immigration

Video 8 Parking enforcement

Video: 9 Concessions for creditors.

Video: 10 A performance bond for the incinerator project.

Video 11 Education and jobs.

Video 12 Illegal dumping and littering laws.

Harris Street United Methodist Church Candidates Forum. Harrisburg mayoral candidates Linda D. Thompson, Lewis Butts, Eric Papenfuse, and Nevin Mindlin attended the Harris Street United Methodist Church candidates forum Tuesday night, candidate Dan Miller was unable to attend the event and sent Alex Reber as his representative.

Opening Statements:

Mayor Linda D. Thompson

Lewis Butts

Eric Papenfus

Nevin Mindlin

Question from the moderator: Crime and public safety. A 1 in 70 chance of being a victim of violent crime in Harrisburg

Question Improvement of City Neighborhoods.

Question City Department Management.

Questions from the audience. A permanent EIT tax.

Questions from the audience: A Thompson supporter questions Eric Papenfuse on his plans to reduce crime.

Mayor Thompson to Les Ford: "Did you disclose also that you ran in the first election as mayor and I beat you."

Harrisburg Young Professionals.

Harrisburg Young Professionals sponsored a mayoral forum at the Hilton hotel in Harrisburg, Denis Owens moderated the event with Neil McCormack Abom, Lynne Richarde, Hope Stephan, and Robert Vickers questioning the candidates.

Opening Statements: The Candidates.

First Question. A Deal For Harrisburg's Recovery.

Question 2. The SEC Investigation.

Question 3 Three Specific Actions To Improve The Business Climate In Harrisburg.

Question 4. Labor Concessions.

Question 5. Lewis Butts Driving Record.

Question 6 Voters Are Sick And Tired Of Politics As Usually.

Questions 7 Infrastructure And How To pay For It.

Final Question. Personal Attacks At Each Other.

IMC/NAACP Candidates Forum. May 9, 2013.

Eric Papenfuse at Souls 2 the Polls rally May, 19, 2013.

Post-Primary Forums and Debates from May 21, 2013 to present:

Nate Curtis of the Harrisburg Watch Coalition sponsored a debate on Wednesday, October 15, 2013.

The debate was produced by Harrisburg Watch Coalition and moderated by Lynne Richarde of WHP 580 radio.

Panelists are Dave Marcheskie of ABC 27, Tara Leo Auchey of Today;s The Day Harrisburg, and James Roxbury of Roxbury News.

Opening Statements of Dan Miller and Eric Papenfuse.

Questions from the panel. Round 1.

Dave Marcheskie How do you make Harrisburg a safe city.

Tara Leo Auchey What is your vision for a brand for the City of Harrisburg.

James Roxbury Harrisburg Channel 20.

Round 2.

Dave Marcheskie. Campaign Finance

Tara Leo Auchey. Apprehension in the business community.

James Roxbury. Dauphin County Gaming Grants.

Round 3.

Dave Marcheskie. The Harrisburg Strong Plan.

Tara Leo Auchey. Looking at your opponent, what do you see as his prominent strengths as a leader.

James Roxbury. Appointments to Authorities and Committees.

Round 4.

Dave Marcheskie. The problem of blight in Harrisburg.

Tara Leo Auchey. What are your plans to bridge the racial and cultural divides impacting Harrisburg.

James Roxbury. If the City sells property owned by Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority, how will you guarantee that the process will be open and transparent.

Closing Statements.

Eric Papenfuse.

Dan Miller.

On Thursday, October 17, 2013, the African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Pa held a mayoral forum.

The following Thursday Democratic candidate Eric Papenfuse, Republican candidate Dan Miller, and write-in candidates Lewis Butts and Aaron Johnson participated in the Central Allison Hill Community Center Mayoral Forum hosted by the Central Pa Chapter of the NAACP.

The venue was the last public conversation for the mayoral candidates, the general election is November 5, 2013.

Opening Statements.

Aaron Johnson.

Dan Miller.

Lewis Butts.

Eric Papenfuse.

Questions from the audience.

Will you preform background checks on potential city employees.

Eric Papenfuse.

Lewis Butts.

Dan Miller

Aaron Johnson.

Will you hire a Public Safety Director.

Aaron Johnson.

Dan Miller.

Lewis Butts.

Eric Papenfuse.

Questions on.

Is the Receiver's plan good for Harrisburg residents.

Campaign contributions

How will you combat crime in our streets.

Residency requirements for city employees.

Legalization of Medical Marijuana.

Questions from the candidates.

Dan Miller to Eric Papenfuse. What can we do to get you to enroll your kids in our schools.

Closing Statements.

Eric Papenfuse.

Lewis Butts.

Dan Miller.

Aaron Johnson.

Photo/Natalie Cake

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